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From the very beginning of the business, the founders of Fabric Digital wanted a better option for small businesses seeking online marketing services in New Zealand. They saw that the marketplace for digital advertising was crowded by one-man bands. The problem with these is that you don’t get the level of commitment that you get from online marketing agencies. Unlike one-man bands, online marketing agencies have the resources to provide unique, groundbreaking, and specialised website designs instead of just templates. Digital agencies are able to commit to providing a whole host of other services as well, that just one person couldn’t possibly offer. Fabric Digital saw this problem, and knew the solution was to bring digital agency-level marketing to small businesses. What this means is being able to look after multiple customers using corporate methodology, usually reserved for the ‘big guys’. These key ideas are what drive Fabric Digital to provide outstanding solutions for businesses of every size.

Their focus was on small business and they soon learned that small businesses required a partner that would cater to their digital needs also.

By incorporating web design and digital marketing into their portfolio, Fabric Digital is able to give small business New Zealand an all encompassing package when it comes to their technological needs.

Why Are We
The Best?

Fabric Digital’s mission is to be the market authority and leader in small business marketing support solutions. We accomplish this by consistently delivering the best consulting advice in New Zealand, and delivering only the best solutions to our customers.



Our wide selection of work speaks for our keen eye on design.

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    Racer Products – Web design

    Built on speed and power, Racer Products’ new website leaves their competitors in the dust.

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    Asbuilt Solutions – Web design

    Leading drainage specialists making waves all over New Zealand.

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    Misty Valley – Web design

    Top quality vines transformed into the finest wine selection all over Aotearoa.

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