Design is King: Why design should be at the forefront of your website and brand - Fabric Digital

Design is King: Why design should be at the forefront of your website and brand

We understand that functionality is probably at the top of your list when looking into building a website – we get that. But we’re hoping you consider going beyond that, instead of settling for the bare minimum. Sure, your customer is probably hoping to achieve something when they access your website, they might be trying to find a product, or contact details, or even just an about section, but they’re also looking for something more than that.

Any potential new client looking at your website is trying to access information, but they’re also trying to understand your business, and what they can expect to experience. Basic functionality makes your website accessible, but does it tell potential clients your style? Or represent the care you have for final touches? Your website represents your entire business, and if it looks like you won’t go above and beyond to make well designed website, why should clients believe you would do the same for them?

It may seem harsh, but ensuring the customer experience is enjoyable and pleasant from their first Google search, right up to their purchase at your storefront can make a world of difference. It goes beyond the customer though; you need to make sure you’re the best.

The nature of the Internet is that it’s constantly growing, and is fast becoming the first contact customers make with businesses, and the quickest way for them to compare to companies. Taking your web design to the next level puts your business above your competition, because as much as everyone hates to admit it, we’re all attracted to pretty things, and your website needs to reflect that.

If you’re looking into putting your business’s best foot forward in all aspects, here at Fabric Digital we’d be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help take your website and brand to the next level with unique, functional, and attractive designs. Take a look at our design portfolio so you can experience the quality of our work for yourself.


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