Is your website mobile friendly? We explain why it's important.

Go Mobile: Why your website needs to be mobile friendly

If you weren’t already aware, the consumer shift from PC to mobile has been seismic over the last few years. With smartphones become bigger, better, and faster, it’s often the first choice for consumers, and something they can access on the move. You clients can be in your store, or talking to your employees, and at the same time checking out you or your competitors’ websites. It’s this simple fact that should be enough to push you to ensure your website is mobile-enabled, but is there more to it?


In 2014 mobile users finally overtook desktop users for internet usage, and this is a major change in what online marketing experts previously understood about how to reach clients. More and more each day people are on the move, and you need to be able to reach your clients everywhere; at the gym, on the bus, and even when they’re mid-shop. You can only do this if your website is mobile friendly, but there are two ways to do this.


1. Your web-designer creates an entirely new website that is mobile friendly, usually replacing the www. with a m.
2. our web-designer builds your website to be able to collapse and shrink in size depending on where and how it’s viewed.


While the first option is often the fastest, it should be your last choice. If your web-designer creates an m. website, you’ll find that they’re creating duplicate content and Google hates duplicate content! When building your business online, you’ll find that there is a large number of ways Google can penalize and punish those failing to create consistent, original, and valuable content, something that should be avoided at all costs.


Moreover, when you have a collapsible website that stays the same but shrinks depending on the device it’s viewed on, you’re ensuring your clients have a consistent experience no matter how they’re accessing your site. They won’t find themselves being redirected to a new website if they move onto their phone, and it’s extra touches like that, which can take your website to the next level.


Here at Fabric Digital, we’re passionate about making the most out of web-design, and building websites for clients who care about their customers’ experience. If you want to know more about how you can make your website go the extra mile, we’re happy to have a chat.


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