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In E-commerce, there’s a very important paradox that has to be understood in order to pull off a great website.

You have to spend a lot of time coming up with something that appears simple. Simple to look at, simple to understand, and simple to use.

For Tech Outlet, we strove to create a straightforward and elegant design that would allow the products on offer to take the spotlight. The red-and-white palette and minimalist feel are part of this, as is the no-nonsense organisation of the navigation menu and the product sections. The website is stripped away of all extraneous elements, which took a lot of refinement over several iterations.

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Boosting conversion rates.

The end goal of any E-commerce website is to attract more customers, move them through the funnel, and drive sales. The slightest glitch or stylistic problem can have significant flow-on effects on sales, so our programmer made sure the front-end and back-end code was in tip-top shape. At the same time, our UX/UI designer carefully put the final touches on the user experience – from landing, to browsing, to purchasing.

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Making a strong impression.

A secondary goal of an online store is to foster a positive impression of the company. We knew that Tech Outlet prides itself on dependability and clear processes, so our design had to reflect that. We also ensured that the website works smoothly on all devices, without any loss of function or experience.

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