It’s cookie time.

No, we’re not talking morning tea, although feel free to grab a coffee as this bit is seriously interesting! When people look at your fantastic website design, we like to drop a little cookie on their computer so that we know that they have visited you. It’s a small thing to ask but it helps enormously in making sure that your online marketing continues to work hard for you, even if it didn’t get to the top of the shopping list on the first attempt.

Second chance of conversion.

We can continue to target these users by showing them an image ad wherever they go on the web. These custom remarketing ads can be as general as just reminding them of your brand or as specific as including the exact items they had added to their cart, tempting them to come back and complete the sale. Remarketing is a great way to get the most of out your marketing budget, giving you a second chance at getting these valuable conversions.

Keeping you in their mind.

This little cookie allows us to create lists, these lists keep track of all users that have visited your website and even users who have added items to their cart and left before completing the purchase. This data allows us to continue to put your brand in front of these interested users and keep you in the front of their mind as they continue to browse the web.

Rigorous Pursuit of Potential

If the initial contact doesn’t immediately drive the desired action, we keep working for you.  As potential customers continue to browse on other sites, we put your ad up in front of them again. A timely reminder of your key point of difference or to offer them an incentive to come back for a closer look. 


Learning and adaptation

The carefully allocated remarketing cookies distributed at different navigational points on your website provide valuable feedback about the site’s performance. We can identify where people drop out in the sales or sign-up process so that we can fine-tune the website design to increase the conversion rates.


Creating better business outcomes

Being a part of the ongoing success of our clients’ businesses is what drives us.  By bringing together the Google online marketing suite of tools, and our extensive skills and experience, we have what it takes to be your preferred online marketing agency.  Our ability to manage your remarketing activities alongside your overall online marketing strategy can give your business the edge it needs to beat the competition.

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