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Page #1 on Google is where we want you.

We are an SEO Company with a head office located in Auckland, that specialises in local and national search engine optimisation in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Queenstown, Christchurch and everywhere else in New Zealand. If your website cannot be found on popular search engines, you are missing out of 1000’s of people who are looking for your product or service, ultimately missing out on sales. Using a SEO company is an important element of your overall online marketing strategy. We strive to put you on the first page of Google.

Capture 30% of the search market.

The higher you are on Google, the more chance you have of driving customers to your website. If you are position #1 organically it is possible to capture 30% of the entire search market. All it takes is for your business to rank in position 1 or 2 for a highly-targeted conversion based keyword and your leads and sales on your website will skyrocket. We are a New Zealand SEO services company that is made up of internet marketing experts, and are ready to help increase your business results and sales today. From the top of the North Island to the bottom of the south, we are ready to make SEO work for you.

Chances are, you LOVE winning. We do too!

Search Engine Optimisation is a science that we are extremely passionate about, we are extremely good at it too. We're one of the best SEO services company in NZ. Your search engine optimisation and digital marketing success is a direct reflection of our skills, and are proud to say that we constantly stay up to date with the latest Google updates to ensure your search engine rankings are constantly improving. We love winning, let us help you win too!

Auckland based, SEO Company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the science of ensuring your website ticks all the right boxes, so that popular Search Engines recognise it as a relevant and high-quality website. There are roughly 200 different factors you need to consider if you want your website rank for converting keywords in search engines. In most instances, SEO is geared towards Google as it accounts for roughly 90 - 95% of all online searches in New Zealand.


What are the benefits of SEO?

The higher your website ranks of search engines, the more traffic you get to your website and ultimately the more leads and sales you get from your SEO and website. To maintain dominance in a competitive digital marketplace, it is crucial that you use a result focused, white hat SEO company to establish, maintain and expand your digital presence.


Why use an SEO company?

Creating a comprehensive and results focused SEO strategy may sound simple. In reality, it is a combination of long-term and technical actions. These actions need to cover a wide scope of components, to cost-effectively increase your online presence and drive sales through your website. SEO is an investment, not a cost. We are a digital marketing and SEO company in New Zealand that knows how to get you the results you deserve.


No search engine optimisation jargon. We speak your language.

With over 200 factors that influence New Zealand SEO, it can be very daunting. It is our mission to increase your leads and sales using SEO, not to confuse you. We speak your language and understand the key performance indicators you expect. Web form enquiries, leads and which SEO search phrase are performing the best. Whether you require search engine optimisation services in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington or Christchurch or Queenstown, all of our campaigns include once a month catch up with our digital marketing consultants to go through results and discuss our strategy on how we are going to increase them.


SEO NZ Experts!

  • To date, no Fabric Digital NZ SEO customer has been penalised by the Google algorithm update. This is because Fabric’s dynamic, white hat approach to search engine optimisation means we weave the latest Google algorithm updates and insights into our tried and true search engine  methods that constantly achieve the best results for all our customers. We don’t buy dodgy links and don’t outsource any of our SEO!
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