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Are you a business based in Auckland? SEO - Search engine optimisation can drive customers right to you!

Fabric are the SEO Auckland specialists in increasing organic rankings using white hat SEO techniques. Our goal is to make sure more NZ customers within your local area are able to find your business from your organic search engine listings. Standing out in the crowded marketplace is important to drive brand awareness, web traffic and qualified leads to your business.

The main purpose for local search engine optimisation is to get you in front of more people who want to buy your product or service. Fabric is a search engine marketing agency that knows SEO Auckland like the back of their hand. We work alongside local New Zealand businesses to improve their position on organic search results and so they get increased traffic and see real results.

As an NZ SEO company based in Auckland, New Zealand’s major commercial centre, you could profit from search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase brand awareness and bring more visitors to your website.  With the wide spread use of mobile devices with location tracking, ranking highly on organic searches in Auckland has become more important than ever before. 

Let Fabric craft your Auckland based SEO strategy!

Fabric can develop an SEO plan to help your business show at the top of the page for organic searches Auckland wide. They start with keyword research, finding out what relevant search terms have the most traffic and hold the highest conversion potential. Fabric then weave these keywords throughout your website to indicate to Google that you want to rank for those keywords. After we have completed all the on-page optimisations; we begin building backlinks to your website to increase your websites authority. We understand that this all might sound a bit complicated, so if you have any questions we are more than happy to sit down with you and explain everything thoroughly.

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An SEO strategy is a significant part of any online marketing strategy as it helps your business rank highly on local Auckland searches on platforms like Google. Our customised SEO Auckland solutions will help develop your online presence both locally in Auckland and throughout surrounding areas. Through working with our SEO specialists, Fabric will improve your position on key searches relevant to your industry throughout Auckland, in turn increasing brand awareness and sales.  

Whether you own a restaurant in the iconic Mission Bay with views of the Auckland Harbour, or a small local barber in South Auckland, Fabric can come up with a SEO Auckland solution to help you reach more people searching for your product or service in Auckland.

To discuss how our SEO nz service can help promote your business in Auckland and beyond. Give the team at Fabric a call on 0800 032 248 today.

Did you know:

If your website is position number 1 organically, you can achieve a click through rate of up to 30%, this is because SEO attracts qualified traffic. It attracts the majority of the people who scroll pass the paid search advertisements and select a company in the organic listings.

To put it in perspective; if the keyword you want to rank for is ‘plumbing Auckland’ and there are 1,000 searches for that keyword per month, you can drive 300 qualified people to your website who are looking for a plumber in Auckland. In contrast, if you ran an AdWords campaign, out of those 1,000-people looking for a plumber, you may achieve a click through rate of 5 – 10%, bringing in 50 – 100 qualified people to your website, and remember, since these people came from AdWords, you pay every time someone clicks on them.

Using Google’s organic listings, you are able to drive non-paid traffic to your website. SEO is an amazing thing when done right and Fabric would love to show you how it works! 

How Fabric do it:

SEO in Auckland is a 'long ball' game. There are no short cuts to rank for relevant keywords. Any digital marketing agency knows that you need to put in the hard yards to see real results. Fabric have split the process of SEO into five steps.

1.)   Keyword research & discovery

First things first, Fabric need to work out what keywords to focus on. They do this through extensive keyword research to create a list of relevant keywords. Taking traffic into consideration, competition and value of each keyword. After all, if nobody searches for these terms there is no point targeting them. 

It isn’t as easy as just picking all the high traffic keywords, you also need to consider the competition, as some keywords have a lot more competition then others and may be a lot harder to rank for. This is where long tail keywords come in, long tail keywords are made up of 2 or more words. Long tail keywords make up for over 70% of all online searches, and conversion rates are 2.5 times higher when compared to regular keywords. Fabric target variety of keywords to increase your visibility among potential customers.

2.)   Back link audit

They then look at your current back link profile and analyse the quality and relevance of these links. This audit also gives us insight into how these links are distributed throughout your site. For example, if you have a lot of relevant links already pointing to your home page and the individual services pages of your website have no links, this gives them an indication of what they to focus on when they begin our off-page work.

Fabric also check out what your competitors are doing, this helps us to understand what is working and what is not in your specific industry. Their audit identifies the exact path they need to take to ensure they can rank your website as quickly as possible.

 3.)   On page SEO

Fabric then begin the on-page work on your web page, this involves ensuring that your website and the content on it is accessible not only for users but for search engines. This includes optimising the content on your pages, as well as elements such as headings to match the keywords you are trying to rank for. This makes it easy for Google to understand what your webpages are about. They also make a variety of technical changes to your website that you cannot see, but Google can. This give you the upper hand against your competitors. The on-page SEO work paves the way for beginning to move up the search engine ranks.

4.)   Off page SEO

Fabric use strategic, sustainable link building methods that increase your visibility on search engines. After all, 77% of all top of the page organic search results have at least one external link pointing to the page. 

This is why building a strong profile of relevant back links is so important in SEO. It helps build your domain authority and helps google understand what your website is about. Fabric create a range of high quality links that suit your specific industry including directory listings, blog posts and editorials.

5.)   Reporting & measurement

Unlike many Auckland SEO companies, Fabric pride ourselves on providing our customers with transparent reports so you can easily see your search engine activity over the month. These reports show the progress we’re making to help your business generate more leads and exposure online online. Showing exactly where each of your target keywords are ranking on major search engines. Through these reports it is easy for us to work together to make strategic decisions on what needs to be done next.

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