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The majority of SEO agencies have it wrong. They obsess over rankings and traffic, not revenue. Fabric obsesses over generating your revenue online and goes out of its way to ensure your website attracts highly qualified customers. We're the SEO agency NZ uses to get ranked high in Google. Fabric provides SEO across NZ, in Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and the rest of the country. We offer SEO NZ wide, using strategies to drive fast-growing business growth for your customers both here and in Australia.

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Search engines are a minefield to the untrained. Google constantly releases new updates that are designed to make SEO harder. Fabric is an SEO company that uses a multi-channel approach and don’t rely on any particular tactic to rank your website on the first page of Google. They use a combination of technical on-page tweaks and carefully selected off-page tactics to ensure your website stays on the first page of Google.

Be where your business belongs.

Your competition dictates the difficulty of any SEO NZ campaign. There is no one size fits all approach to SEO in NZ and each strategy is made on a case by case basis - a strategy for a local business is completely different to a strategy for an eCommerce store. Our SEO NZ experts evaluate your competition, formulate how they are going to not only beat but, ‘annihilate’ them and then execute their battle plan to ensure they launch you towards first-page domination and high growth revenue high growth generation - the bottom line is, we need to raise your bottom line.

Why SEO NZ Matters

Most businesses understand the importance of SEO but often focus on the wrong metrics. At Fabric, we know that real success comes from generating revenue, not just rankings. Our SEO NZ services are laser-focused on attracting high-quality customers for businesses across Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and beyond. We're the trusted partner that fast-growing businesses rely on for revenue-focused SEO in NZ. We evaluate your competition, strategise how to outperform them, and execute our plan to help you dominate the first page and boost your revenue.

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Fabric can help

Fabric is a team of SEO specialists that focus on delivering ROI focused search engine optimisation campaigns. They attract highly qualified customers for 100's of businesses across NZ, Australia and the USA.


At the start, Fabric evaluate your website's structure, backlink portfolio, keyword density, metadata and 100's of other technical factors that effect your websites search engine rankings. They also do the same for your competitors to understand what is working for them and identify any low hanging keywords they can utilise. Fabric are relentless in our pursuit of uncovering the entire SEO landscape to ensure they have a clear idea of what your industry is up to online.


Using the findings from our evaluation, Fabric's SEO Experts conceptualise an SEO strategy that shines light on your competitor’s weaknesses and focuses on closing the gap and dominating your competition. This involves acquiring their back-link portfolio and identifying what key phrases are most likely to generate them revenue. Most SEO agencies fire first, strategise later. They prefer to do the opposite to ensure long-lasting results.


A wise man once said, "Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare." Strategy and execution go hand in hand. Using the SEO strategy Fabric have formulated, they start the wheel spinning by executing our market domination with great precision. Fabric stay in constant contact with you to answer any questions and provide you with intuitive and easy to read reports, so you can see exactly how much businesses growth is generated from their SEO services.

On-page, off-page and constant optimisation.

Page #1 on Google is where Fabric want you.

Fabric is an SEO company with a head office located in Auckland, that specialises in local and national search engine optimisation in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Queenstown, Christchurch and New Zealand wide. 

If your website cannot be found on popular search engines you are missing out on 1000's of people who are looking for your products or services, ultimately missing out on sales. Using an SEO company is an important element of your overall online marketing strategy. Fabric strive to put you on the first page of Google.

Capture 30% of the search market.

The higher you are on Google, the more chance you have of driving customers to your website. If you are position #1 organically it is possible to capture 30% of the entire search market. All it takes is your business ranking in position 1 or 2 for a highly-targeted, conversion based, keyword and your leads and sales on your website will skyrocket. The conversion rate from SEO is generally higher than other mediums as the traffic is more qualified - people trust organic rankings!

Fabric is a search engine marketing agency that is made up of internet marketing experts that are ready to help increase your business results and sales today. From the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, they are ready to make SEO work for you.

Fabric only engage in ethical, white hat SEO practises.

Search Engine Optimisation is a science that Fabric are extremely passionate about. They are proud to say that they are one of the most ethical, cost effective SEO agencies in New Zealand, they don't buy dodgy back links and don't engage in any 'black hat' activities. They focus on long term results.

Your search engine optimisation and digital marketing success is a direct reflection of our skills. Our team of digital marketers constantly stay up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates to ensure your search engine rankings are constantly improving and generating you revenue. Fabric love winning, let us help you win too!

On-page optimisation for the first month.

Once Fabric have determined what direction the SEO campaign will take, they spend roughly 20 – 30 hours (even more for bigger sites) optimising the websites on-page SEO factors and completing keyword research.

There is generally a spike in rankings on the search results once Fabric complete the on-page optimisations, as Google can now crawl your site properly. This is one of the most important parts o . Without proper on-page optimisation, any backlinks they build may not pass through adequate link juice.


Fabric integrate link build and outreach into their search engine optimisation solution.

Once your on-page SEO is 100%. Fabric submit your website to our handpicked, local directories. These will increase your domain authority and help your website show for local based search queries that consist of your service + location, in their case, a few local search query they rank for is SEO ChristchurchSEO Hamilton and SEO Wellington.

Fabric also integrate guest posting and niche content outreach. They submit highly relevant and keyword rich content to other domains that have a high domain authority to ensure your websites stays as high up on the search results.

Creating links from other industry specific and popular websites will make Google and other search engines associate your website with the popular website. The more association you have with popular websites, the higher your chances are of ranking highly on Google.

Using more than one channel of digital marketing has massive benefits!

When you use Fabric to run your search engine marketing campaign for you, you’re not only going to see significant improvements in your websites search engine traffic, you will be working with a team of results focused digital marketers that are able to utilise more than one channel of digital marketing to drive traffic, brand awareness and sales through your website. 

A good digital agency will utilise one digital channel and make it work for your business. An amazing digital marketing agency will use an Omni-channel, ROI focused approach that will ensure you are investing your online marketing budget in channels that are generating maximum return on your investment. 

An example is running SEO and AdWords together. Executing a well-planned search engine optimisation campaign while effectively using Fabric’s AdWords services can ensure you are covering maximum real estate on the search engine results page, helping you get your business in front of more potential customers.

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