As of 2022, more people shop online than in a physical store

The world is changing. Is your business capturing the 70% of people that now shop online? If you aren’t, then your competitors are. eCommerce websites allow your business to reach a wider audience, locally, throughout NZ, or even worldwide. This is where Fabric Digital come in - the expert eCommerce web developers with eCommerce web design packages to suit your business -  whether you’re a small shop or a huge multinational company, we’ve got you.

Mobile isn’t only the future, it’s already here

People no longer sit down at the computer to find things they want online, they’re usually browsing while sitting on the couch, or on the bus, using their mobile phone. This is why an eCommerce website that’s optimised to work on mobile is imperative. There’s no use in having people come to your website, only to be confused and unable to make a purchase. Our eCommerce web design packages all come with fully optimised mobile functionality so that your customers can have the perfect user experience.

Google Friendly eCommerce Sites

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts work closely with the developers to ensure that your shiny new eCommerce store is optimised for Google. We’ve had many huge wins for our clients in SEO, increasing website visitors & boosting sales - so we apply our SEO knowledge to our eCommerce sites, giving your business a strategic edge against the competition.

Easy to integrate with your current system

We use the award winning Shopify CMS for all of our eCommerce clients, because of its ease of use, the ability to optimise for Google, and the extensive selection of sales modules, that allow full customisation, so that your eCommerce site functions in exactly the way you want it to. Accept credit card payments, offer discount coupons / codes, sync with Xero (and other platforms), set up multi-language versions of your site, offer customer support, sync your stock inventory, sell vouchers, offer payment plans and so much more.

Our eCommerce websites convert

When someone arrives on a page of your eCommerce website, their intention needs to match the purpose of the page that they’re viewing… the website also needs to be user friendly, with a nice layout so that nothing is stopping the potential customer from completing the sale. Our conversion rate optimisation experts ensure that your eCommerce website is a well-oiled machine, supercharged to sell, again and again.

Our Clients

We go above and beyond to deliver an extraordinary service to our clients. We don’t just make the website and leave you in the dark, wondering what to do… we’re here to help, every step of the way.

Victoria (director of, came to us with an eCommerce site made in WooCommerce. Conversion rates and overall sales were low. We moved her website to a Custom built Shopify site, optimised the site for conversion, then paired it with a Google Ads campaign -  increasing sales by 600%.

Fabric can help

Fabric is a team of digital marketers that know how to make a website that drives revenue. Fabric don’t use templates in our website design, and we don’t cut corners. Fabric's scope of web design ranges from simple landing pages, to complex backend e-commerce development and system integration.

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