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When you browse websites each day, you’re looking at the work of front end web developers. The internet is a mass of complex information, and front end development is the process of organising this information into a form that normal people can easily interact with.

After your UX designer comes up with ways to improve your website’s user experience, a front-end developer brings the technical expertise to make it happen. 

Best coding practice.

It’s a bit like the difference between an architect and an engineer. The architect designs an elegant building with its visitors or occupants in mind, and then the engineer comes along and makes sure that it’s structurally sound and free from technical issues.

Although it’s possible to have one without the other – and the most basic house may not need either – it’s usually best to hire both an architect and an engineer for any original or important project.

In the same way, the more complex your website is, the more likely it is you’ll need to hire a web developer. A simple Wordpress site might be enough for your personal blog – but as soon as you begin to do things like offer products and services, it becomes more important to recruit someone with a knowledge of client-side scripts like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Manipulation of these ‘languages’ determines what your customers will see when they browse your website. It’s very difficult to do anything interesting without them. (By contrast, back-end web development determines how your website will interact with the server that’s hosting it.)

Do I need a web designer or a web developer?

Unless you have some knowledge of the industry, it’s often hard to know what kind of professional you should hire.

  1. If you already have a design but need to build the website, you should hire a front-end developer.
  2. If you already have a functioning website but need to improve, say, data management for things like e-commerce, hire a back-end developer.
  3. If you have a website but want to make changes to the visual design, hire a web designer.

If you’d like to make changes to your website structure and its design – or you want to create a new website from the ground up – then it’s almost always best to recruit a full web team. These teams will have expert designers and developers who can work together to bring you an amazing final product.

Fabric can help!

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Fabrics front-end web developers will be able to help you with the following:
Speed & performance.

A great design is useless if your website features don’t load properly or quickly enough.


Making your website appear correctly on all devices and screen-sizes – so that you don’t frustrate customers who like to shop with their mobiles, for example.


What’s the point of having a sleek mobile version, if the buy now button doesn’t work properly when people tap it? Front-end developers conduct thorough testing to guarantee a seamless experience for users.

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