The people of Fabric.

We're a team based in Auckland, New Zealand. Half of us work on delivering our digital marketing services, the other half work directly with our customers. We love what we do and the people we work with.

Fabric Joseph Marinovic
Joseph Marinovic
Managing Director
Fabric Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson
Creative Sales Director
Fabric Rizaldy Francisco
Rizaldy Francisco
Web Designer
Fabric Yusuf Vohra
Yusuf Vohra
Google Ads
Fabric Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy
Head of SEO
Fabric Henry
SEO Specialist
Fabric Isaac Berry
Isaac Berry
Creative Sales Associate
Fabric Ashleigh
Google Ads
Fabric Verena Meintjes
Verena Meintjes
Financial Controller
Fabric Jay Perry
Jay Perry
Social Media and Content Creation
Fabric Hasmita Patel
Hasmita Patel
Website Developer

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