Mouth-watering web experiences.

When you create a digital product – whether it’s simply a website to sell your products, or a more complex online service or app – your main aim should always be the same. You need to design a fantastic experience for users.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are key components in making this happen. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, they actually represent quite different things.

Beautiful UX design inside and out. 

Take a Rolls Royce, for example. The ‘UX’ of the Rolls Royce is its well-designed engine, its power steering, and the satisfying responsiveness of its accelerator under your foot. The ‘UI’, by contrast, is more about the appearance of the car: the look of the steering wheel, the retro upholstery, and the sleek external aesthetic.

Your digital products have the similar elements – internal and external – which contribute equally to users’ enjoyment of them.

Your website matters.

Many small and medium-sized businesses are satisfied with a bare-bones design that offers visitors a reasonably good experience. But without a dedicated UI/UX designer, it’s very easy for a ‘simple’ design to become problematic for your users. Even the most basic website needs to run smoothly on mobiles, for example – or you’ll be missing out on a potentially huge source of traffic.

Great design becomes even more important when your digital presence functions as an online shop for goods or services. Few things will lose you more customers than a glitchy drop-down menu or a ‘products’ page with too much visual noise.

Fabric can help!

At their essence, UI and UX designers aim to improve the look and the feel of a website. If your site is easy to use but unpleasant to look at – or the other way around – then our team of designers would love to help you make the most of your online presence.

Besides helping you avoid these pitfalls, what sort of things will a talented UI/UX designer be able to help you with?

Informed market research.

It’s impossible to design things with users in mind unless you truly understand your customers, how they operate, and what they’ll respond well to. Thorough research is the first step for any great UX.

Stylish but efficient designs.

The digital products we create are as innovative as the situation demands – without ever being bogged down by excessive features or gimmicks.

Custom-built experiences across all platforms.

No matter where or how a customer comes to you, we’ll make sure they have a seamless experience.

Creative, consistent branding.

All your digital assets should reflect the existing strengths or your business. We strongly believe that great UX and UI flows from the core values that made you successful in the first place.

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