Focus on all stages of the funnel.

All too often, business owners spend loads of money on ads that direct people to their website – but don’t pay enough attention to what these potential customers experience upon arrival. The process of turning a new visitor into a paying customer is called conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and it’s one of the best ways to improve your revenue without spending a fortune on marketing.

Many marketers in NZ like to think of the sales process in terms of a funnel. The top of the funnel is wide, and catches a lot of people who are just beginning to consider your product or service. (For instance, someone might google ‘best juice blenders’ and then stumble upon an online store that sells kitchen products). As these mildly interested ‘prospects’ become more intrigued by what you have to offer, they’re said to be moving down the funnel.

Prospects can become weak leads (e.g. by signing up to your newsletter), and weak leads can become strong leads (e.g. by emailing you to ask about shipping costs). At the very bottom tip of the funnel are paying customers. Your website’s conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who make it all the way through the funnel. This is where conversion rate optimisation comes in.

Squeeze more out of your website.

Of course, one of the most important assets of your NZ business is what you might call its ‘soul’ – that special something that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more. Far too many marketing companies throw around impressive acronyms like CRO and CTA, but end up turning your website into the web equivalent of a slick, smug advertising executive.

Some marketers will spend vast amounts of money and resources to expand the top of your sales funnel – using paid ads and other strategies to direct more people to your website. But by paying attention to your existing website traffic, and improving your conversion rates, you can often achieve more long-lasting benefits.

Let’s say 5,000 people visit your website each month and 2% of them become customers, giving you 100 customers per month. If you want to double this number, you could spend money on ads that increase total monthly traffic to 10,000. But it’s often much cheaper and more effective to use conversion rate optimisation and grow your conversion rate to 4% instead.

Fabric can help!

We always aim to improve your conversion rates while preserving the human face and the unique charm that helps make so many companies successful in the first place. If you’re keen to hear more about how we can help, we’d love to talk. Click below for a free 30-minute consultation with a member of our digital marketing team.

Our team at Fabric can work with you on the following:

Clear effective calls to action.

Making sure your calls to action (CTAs) are as effective as possible. Gone are the days when a simple, half-baked CTA was enough to stay competitive.

Landing pages to encourage conversions.

Building fantastic landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Seamless user experience.

Giving visitors to your website a pleasant and seamless experience.

Fixing a leaky sales funnel.

Retargeting visitors who leave your website without taking action. This is particularly tricky ground, as your ads need to be compelling but not too salesy or annoying.

Data & Analytics

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