Protect your online reputation.

Until recently, doing business online was a simple affair. All you needed was a basic website where people could either shop directly or find out more about you. You could afford to be passive about what people were saying about you, because even the worst customer couldn’t do much harm to your reputation, especially in NZ.

But these days, around 90% of customers say their purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews. Increasingly, it’s the opinions of other customers that determine which business succeeds and which one fails. Although consistently providing great products or services is still the cornerstone to a great reputation, it’s becoming harder to rely on this alone. Any business with a digital presence needs to spend time creating a good first impression on a wide range of platforms. This is where ORM comes in.

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Craft a great reputation.

That’s where ORM, or online reputation management comes in. It doesn’t matter if your brand is represented by a single person (i.e. a dentist or lawyer), or by a commercial entity. In both cases, you can hire someone to iron out the rough edges of your reputation, and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online.

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What exactly does reputation management involve?

Social media monitoring.

Using tools like Google Alerts or Mention, it’s possible to track exactly what people are saying about you online. Rather than scouring the web for bad reviews or misleading info, you can survey these at a glance and respond appropriately.

Pitch-perfect responses to negative comments.

Maintaining a dignified silence is often an unhelpful approach to take. Instead, you’ll need to treat negative feedback with sympathy and friendliness. Much of the damage dealt by angry or unfair feedback can be softened by prompt, considerate replies.

Dealing with reputation bombs.

If a potential customer searches for you online, the last thing you want them to see is a negative review at the top of the search results. This can be effectively tackled with SEO campaigns that push positive content above negative content. Any review containing false claims can often be taken down altogether.

Promoting positivity.

Replying to detractors isn’t enough. Satisfied customers often need a helping hand to spread their enthusiasm. You should ensure that they have an easy channel for their glowing reviews.

Designing your ‘virtual business card’.

When people search for you online, the first page of Google acts as a kind of business card. Most people don’t read anything beyond it. It’s therefore crucial that the first page of results inspires trust and confidence in your company.

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