Profitable Google shopping services.

Google Shopping ads show at the top when users search for specific products online. Without a doubt, all e-commerce businesses should give Google Shopping a go. On average Google shopping ads in NZ have doubled or even tripled the click through rate of regular search network ads. 

Google Shopping NZ ads put all the vital information, product images, prices and descriptions right in front of their users allowing them to quickly compare prices on the certain products they are looking to buy.

Easily promote products.

With Google Shopping ads, unlike search ads, you bid on the products you want to show up instead of bidding on a range of keywords. Google Shopping campaigns give NZ businesses the opportunity to easily promote their products and drive relevant traffic to their website, in turn promoting their brand and increasing their sales.  

Setting up can be confusing.

When users search you want your products to show up on the top of the page.  That's what Fabric does! The Fabric team focuses on setting up your Google product feed.  To set up a Google Shopping campaign you need to create a dynamic feed that adheres to the strict Google shopping feed specifications. Fabric can take care of this to ensure that your products show to the right people, at the right time, bringing in more traffic and users ready to buy. Fabric will help give you an edge over your competitors through highlighting your best deals.

Optimised to perfection.

Fabric strategically optimises your product listings to match the needs of both Google and the online shopper, refining your product titles and descriptions to be more search engine friendly, while still reading well for your customers. Fabric also use negative keywords to stop your product from showing in unwanted search terms. Fabric’s Google Shopping NZ experts work hard to ensure your campaigns are reaching their full potential, and every dollar is well spent.

Fabric can help.

Fabric is a digital marketing agency that know how to make Google Shopping profitable. They optimise your campaign towards conversions, not clicks or traffic.

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