What does a back end developer do?

We’ve talked elsewhere about the importance of great web designers  and front-end developers. But back end development can be just as crucial for your website.

Essentially, they’re computer programmers who develop the technical components that allow the user-facing part of your website to exist. They provide the foundation upon which everything else is built – and they make sure this foundation is as sturdy and powerful as possible. Working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

They’re skilled in highly technical programming languages such as Perl, Ruby, and PHP. They use these languages to integrate your website with applications that work behind the scenes, helping with things like security proofing, data collection, and any major structural changes. They also play a key role in preventing bugs.

Making sure everything is functional.

Back end developers partly exist to prevent things like that from happening. They’re like the chief accountant who sits in the back room of a bank, making sure that everything – the many thousands of complex folders and systems – is in order.

Handy tip: You might have come across the term ‘full-stack developer’. This is someone with knowledge of both front-end, client-side scripts such as HTML and CSS, as well as back-end, server-side languages. When you’re building a website from scratch, you need either separate front-end and back-end developers, or a full-stack developer.

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Here are a few key things you get when you use a back end developer.

Watertight security systems.

Protect yourself and your customers against potential hackers or accidental information leaks.

Streamlined, bug-free functionality.

Even if the client-facing part of your website is perfect, the last thing you want is excited customers clicking ‘buy now’ and getting a 404 Not Found message.

Content management system integration.

Easily create and add new content such as blog posts, newsletters, or press releases – without needing help from a coding expert.

Analytics & reporting.

Gather key data about your website visitors and customers as they arrive and browse your pages.

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