Combining function and user-friendliness.

Many business owners find that it’s not enough to have a nice-looking website that functions well. They also need a simple way to add new information to their site without having to go through an expert or tamper with the code.

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Craft are the solution. When they’re integrated effectively with your website code, they allow you to write blog posts, release press statements, upload photos or annual reports, and more.

Easily make necessary changes.

Developing and designing a website is a difficult work, but the final product should be something you can use yourself. Few things are more frustrating than having to contact a third party whenever you want to add content to a page, or remove outdated material.

The situations when you might want to do this are almost infinite. 

Here are just a few:

  •   •  You hire a new employee, and need to add their photo and bio to your ‘about’ page.
  •   •  You need to let potential customers know that one of your products is no longer in stock.
  •   •  You increase the price of one of your services and need the website to reflect this immediately.
  •   •  You want to publish a new blog post every week.

As you can imagine, it’ll quickly become very annoying and expensive to outsource these minor tasks to someone else, when you feel perfectly capable of doing them yourself. A well-integrated CMS is specifically adapted for your website, allowing you to make any necessary changes with a few clicks. It’s one of the core components of back-end development, and you’ll need someone with coding knowledge to help you get everything set up properly. We offer WordPress development and integration of other CMS systems to make editing the content on your website easier.

Can’t I just use an open-source CMS?

As you may know already, there are a variety of open-source content management systems out there. The most well-known of these is probably Wordpress. Many people use it to create free and simple websites without any need to dabble in code.

The problem is, these one-size-fits-all options tend to look extremely unprofessional unless you’re able to heavily customise them – a process which will require you to tamper with code anyway.

Websites based on open-source CMS are crying out that the business doesn’t take itself seriously enough to invest in a proper website. And if you don’t seem to take yourself seriously, then potential clients will certainly follow your lead.

Although there’s more to a successful website than its CMS, it’s almost always worth integrating your site with a system that’s specifically adapted for your business. Our team of designers and developers would love to help you come up with a site that you can keep adding to whenever you want.

Fabric can help.

Our team of designers and developers would love to help you come up with a site that you can keep adding to whenever you want.

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