Navigating the Digital PR Landscape with Impact PR

By Daniel McCarthy | Head of SEO
20 December 2023

In today's rapidly evolving digital world, public relations strategies need to be as dynamic and adaptable as the media landscape itself. With the rise of digital channels, social media influence, and a 24/7 news cycle, crafting compelling narratives and maintaining strong brand reputations requires a blend of creativity, agility, and technological savvy.

Enter Impact PR, a trailblazer in the realm of public relations, renowned for its innovative approaches and award-winning campaigns. Through a combination of strategic thinking, creative content, and an astute understanding of digital media, Impact PR has successfully navigated the complexities of modern PR, setting new benchmarks in the industry. This piece delves into two of their most notable campaigns – the MARS Pedigree Child Replacement Programme and Hilton Hotels' 'Bone Appétit' initiative – to illustrate how they have mastered the art of PR in the digital age.

Impact PR

The MARS Pedigree Child Replacement Programme: A Case Study in Compassionate Innovation

Objective: The MARS Pedigree Child Replacement Programme was conceived with a noble goal in mind – finding loving homes for the growing number of abandoned dogs throughout New Zealand. In a country with one of the highest rates of dog ownership, Impact PR identified a unique audience: parents experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome. This campaign aimed to raise awareness about the plight of shelter dogs and encourage adoptions by appealing to these 'Empty Nesters'.

Strategy and Execution: The campaign's brilliance lay in its unorthodox approach. Dubbed 'The Pedigree Child Replacement Programme', it used humour and directness to grab attention. Impact PR executed this through a multi-channel strategy, encompassing TV, digital video, print, radio, website, digital banners, social media, and out-of-home advertising. They crafted an engaging narrative where parents could 'replace' their departed children with shelter dogs, even transforming their child's old belongings into dog-friendly items. This approach built intrigue and prompted widespread media and public engagement.

Results: The campaign's impact was profound and multifaceted. It achieved an incredible 824% increase in dog adoption inquiries and facilitated a significant 16% lift in Pedigree’s sales. The campaign received global media attention, featuring on prime time news and driving a surge in interest in dog adoption. The initiative's success was not just in numbers but also in changing perceptions and encouraging a compassionate response to the issue of shelter dogs.

The Hilton Hotels 'Bone Appétit' Campaign: A Tailored Approach to Staycations

Objective: The Hilton Group's 'Bone Appétit' campaign was developed in response to the pandemic's impact on international travel. Recognizing a significant increase in domestic holiday planning and a rise in pet ownership, Hilton aimed to position its hotels as the ideal destination for dog owners. The campaign sought to improve consideration, boost bookings, and embed Hilton in the staycation conversation.

Strategy and Execution: The 'Bone Appétit' campaign introduced a dog-friendly menu in over 30 Hilton hotels across the UK and Ireland. Designed to mimic human meals, the menu featured items like Mutt Roast and Beef Doguignon. To promote this unique offering, the campaign used a mix of premium picture and video content, influencer partnerships with popular 'dog-influencers', and media sampling with major publications. This multi-faceted approach effectively leveraged both earned and paid media channels, as well as Hilton’s own digital platforms.

Results: The campaign garnered significant media attention, with 103 pieces of coverage across national publications and broadcast channels, including CNN and ABC. Additionally, Hilton's targeted social media posts reached a combined audience of 5.7 million. The creative and integrated approach of the 'Bone Appétit' campaign not only resonated with dog owners but also led to a substantial increase in search inquiries on Hilton's website, demonstrating the campaign's success in enhancing Hilton's appeal as a pet-friendly staycation destination.

Reflecting on Impact PR's Trailblazing Journey in Digital PR

It's clear that Impact PR’s innovative approach to public relations has not only achieved outstanding campaign results but has also paved the way for future PR practices. Their ability to seamlessly integrate digital strategies with traditional PR methods demonstrates a keen understanding of the evolving media landscape. Impact PR stands as a testament to the power of creativity, strategic planning, and digital proficiency in crafting campaigns that leave a lasting impact. Their work exemplifies the essence of modern public relations – adaptable, engaging, and always ahead of the curve.

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