Case Study

Timberman, an Auckland-based timber yard, sought the help of Fabric Digital to build a web presence that matched their strong reputation.

The partnership began in 2016 when Fabric designed the new website. The website was a pivotal first step to increasing Timberman’s online visibility, traffic and sales.

Ultimately the website was designed to increase conversion rates, with bold contact details on the top right-hand corner and strong calls to action throughout. This new user-friendly website helped customers find what they needed and provided ease with which to contact the Timberman team to get a quote or place an order.

A brand new campaign that was designed to generate leads.

Before working with Fabric, Timberman had not run any Google Ads services before and needed help coming up with a strategy to bring more relevant traffic to their website and boost their sales. Fabric built them a highly targeted Google Ads campaign bidding on a range of timber specific keywords, as well as a brand campaign to capture those already searching for them online.

Fabric kept a close eye on the campaign making changes to the account structure and keywords towards those with the most conversions. Within three months of working together Fabric had already increased Timberman’s conversion volume by 40%, whilst lowering their cost per conversion by almost 30%.

1 Month

A huge trend of lead generation after 1 year.

Fast forward one year and Fabric have lowered Timberman’s cost per conversion a further 75% and increased their conversion volume by another 86%.  This was made possible through careful Google Ads Management. By tweaking keywords being bid on, we were able to target those most likely to result in a conversion, at a reasonable CPA (cost per conversion). 

1 Year

The Google Ads management never stops.

Fabric have managed the Timberman Google Ads campaign since 2016 and through continual monitoring and optimisation have been able to continue to decrease their cost per conversion while gradually increasing their monthly conversion volume. 

This ensures Timberman are getting more leads within their agreed monthly budget. To this day Fabric continue to make improvements throughout the campaign to ensure it continues to effectively bring in highly qualified leads.

• Increased conversion rate by 86%.

• Lowered cost per conversion by 75%

What the customer has to say

The team at Fabric have really helped Timberman become what it is today. When we first started off, we relied on word of mouth and existing customers. Within the first week of the campaign, our phones were ringing. Now, 1 year later, we get 3 - 4 quality calls a day.”

Matthew Botica, Director  |  Timberman

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