Profitable PPC campaigns.

AdWords is the single fastest way to generate qualified leads and increase sales for your business. It allows you to target customers that have their wallet out ready to buy. 

If you aren't investing in Google AdWords, you are missing out on sales - and gracefully handing over market share to your competitors.

Conversion focused AdWords services.

You have probably run AdWords in the past and said "Google AdWords doesn't work for my business." Sound familiar? Chances are you were managing the ad campaign yourself and wasting cash due to your lack of experience. Or you had a novice agency that used clicks to measure campaign success, instead of using conversion tracking.

So, how is Fabric different? They are an AdWords agency that is obsessed with building tight, highly optimised AdWords campaigns that don’t waste a dime. Fabric optimise your pay per click campaign towards conversions, not clicks or traffic. They also design websites to ensure they are converting as many clicks to conversions as possible.

Obsessed AdWords agency.

Other AdWords companies won tell you PPC is hard work. Making AdWords profitable is even a harder work if you don’t have the experience. 

If you have set up AdWords yourself to 'test the waters', you're probably bidding on keywords that will never turn a browser into a paying customer - burning your money fast. If you have an agency managing your AdWords for you, chances are they are measuring clicks on your ads, not conversions. 

Fabric is an AdWords company in Auckland that measures all leads and sales that are generated from your paid search campaign. We use a state of the art phone call tracking software, this conversion tracking lets you know exactly what keywords are making the phone ring.

Clicks do not increase your bank account balance. CONVERSIONS DO.

Fabric can help.

Fabric is a digital marketing agency that know how to make Google AdWords profitable. They optimise your campaign towards conversions, not clicks or traffic.

Google AdWords campaigns - The Fabric way.

AdWords is the fastest way to start generating instant leads.

Google AdWords is a digital marketing tool that is designed to instantly get your ads in front of people who are searching your products or services. Think of it as a digital marketing bidding system where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. You bid on specific search phrases and keywords that are relevant to your product or services. When someone searches on Google, your ad shows to them at the top of the page.

AdWords uses a PPC (pay per click) bidding system. You pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad. There are various techniques to increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your ad and making a conversion (phone call, web form enquiry, email). As a Google Adwords certified partner, Fabric pride ourselves in innovating our own optimisation techniques that are specifically designed for the way your customers behave in New Zealand and Australia.

The AdWords platform can be extremely daunting to someone who has never used the platform before and can cost businesses $1,000’s of wasted dollars in ad spend per month due to the fast-acting nature and reactive nature of AdWords.

Our customers use us when they want a company that offers an AdWords service that is transparent, extremely effective and well planned out.

Fabric keep a finger on the pulse and ensure things are working the way they should.

The digital marketers at Fabric constantly adjust and tweak your AdWords campaign to ensure your ads are only showing to people who will convert. There are 100’s of different signals that Google provides us with to determine what traffic are most likely to convert. 

Things like the type of device, time of day, keywords used and even demographical information such as gender, average income and age are all available at our finger tips through the AdWords management portal. This information is available to anyone with an AdWords account, but finding it can be tricky, and using it to apply bid modifiers, complete campaign exclusions, bidding strategies and A/B/C split testing ad copy can be extremely time consuming and very challenging to anyone who doesn’t use AdWords day in, day out.

Fabric only focus on conversions when making any campaign optimisations. They will never make an adjustment to a campaign just because it “drives more traffic”. ROI runs through our blood and Fabric genuinely love it when they turn your $2,000 AdWords spend in to $30,000 worth of new business.  

Fabric work closely with you to ensure the leads coming in are valuable.

Our team are all fully trained, work onsite, and are up to date with Google AdWords certifications. We work collaboratively with you along the way to ensure you get the best results possible. Through regularly sending out in depth reports we keep you in the loop with the progress of your pay per click campaign. We also schedule regular meet ups it is face-to-face or by skype to go over these reports and analyse the quality of the leads that are coming through. 

We pride ourselves on our clear and easy to understand reporting, after all we want you to easily be able to see the value that comes from you Google Adwords campaigns.

Fabric use conversion data and integrate it in to other digital marketing services.

AdWords provides the most search-based data out of any of the online marketing platforms. Once they have identified what combinations of keywords, devices and demographics are making your phones ring, eCommerce store buzz or inbox so full you need your IT department to increase its size, Fabric start weaving that data throughout the rest of your digital marketing strategy.

AdWords data works extremely well with our SEO Service as they are both search based marketing platforms. Integrating the data in to an SEO campaign helps us fast track a business’s results as Fabric already know what phrases and combinations of demographics drive the most profitable conversions online. 

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