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A website designed to showcase the SaaS platform EzyVet.

EzyVet was formed to disrupt the veterinary industry with its revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. EzyVet has embarked on a journey to change and rewrite how the global veterinary operates its day-to-day activities.

Ezy Vet

Built to perform.

We built the EzyVet website to showcase the platform and how it functions. The website is full of helpful information for veterinary professionals, so making it user friendly while still providing the information was at the forefront of what we wanted to do.

The rich detail that the EzyVet software is showcased throughout the website. When you visit a website, you expect to know instantly what product or service the website is trying to display. Our goal with the EzyVet website was to deliver in-depth and valuable information that efficiently complements the software so that everyone can understand it.

The warming colour scheme utilised for the EzyVet website calls upon the colours synonymous with veterinary clinics. The EzyVet website provides the target audience with all information required to make an informed decision about the software.

Ezy Vet 1

Simple but effective.

It is easy to determine what EzyVet does and how as you navigate the website. With EzyVet, we focused on its software and its utility benefits. Each page features essential information displayed in an easy to digest way for potential clients to determine what EzyVet do with little to no outside research.

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