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Lyford & Burkhart Exports (NZ) Ltd trading as L&B Taspac was established in 1988. A vertically integrated company, the group exports an extensive range of primary produce as well as retaining its traditional involvement in the Rock Lobster industry. They needed a new website to showcase their high quality seafood to North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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Main goal of the project - To showcase L&B Taspac’s quality product in a professional way.

L&B Taspac is one of the largest seafood trading companies in New Zealand. As part of the Seawork Group, L&B Taspac spans all corners of the globe from Germany, Spain, Namibia, and Australia back to New Zealand. Our goal with the L&B Taspac website was to create a user friendly and visually appealing platform. 

The home page for L&B Taspac features a video and an easy to navigate navigation bar. So it is quick and easy to find what you’re looking for and understand what they do. We wanted to revolutionise an industry that often doesn’t favour visually appealing websites while still focusing on the core principles of providing the user with all of the information they need. 

Clear and Concise.

As you navigate the L&B Taspac website, what they offer and how they operate are clear. Our goal was to showcase the history that L&B Taspac has clearly and concisely. The homepage features a quick and straightforward call to action by displaying ‘Get In Touch’ in the top corner.

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