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JSC is New Zealand’s premium architectural and building solutions partner, proudly producing exceptional and innovative timber products, materials, and finishings that will stand strong today and into the future. As leaders in timber cladding, hardwood decking, interior panelling, timber coatings, and thermally modified timbers, JSC is committed to delivering innovation to build tomorrow.

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Primary objective of the initiative - To spotlight our unparalleled legacy in crafting and delivering premium, sustainable indoor and outdoor materials for New Zealand's building industry with a professional touch, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

For over 100 years, JSC has been at the forefront of the timber industry in New Zealand, pioneering new products, materials, and finishes that have set the standard for quality and innovation. From our humble beginnings in Dunedin in 1900, we have grown to become one of New Zealand's leading architectural and building solutions partners, building on a legacy of excellence that was started by our founder Jack Scott over a century ago.

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