NZ in a BOX

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A website designed to showcase NZ in a Box.

NZ in a Box wanted to create a beautiful platform that showcased Aotearoa to the rest of the world. So we took NZ in a Box’s old Shopify platform and redesigned the store to give it more of a consumer focus. Our goal was to showcase the beautiful products that NZ in a Box offer in a complimentary manner.

Nzinabox Cover

Exactly what meets the eye.

The NZ in a Box platform showcases what the name says. A slice of New Zealand, boxed up and sent worldwide. The potential client knows what to expect when entering the NZ in a Box website. The rolling carousel of images on the hero banner displays the mission and vision of NZ in a Box.


User-friendly across all devices.

After our development tests and initial user tests, we determined that the NZ in a Box website was easy to access and navigate across all devices. At the bottom of every page, we placed contact information for customers to quickly contact NZ in a Box if they had any questions.

In addition, we also placed a section on the homepage that showcases a ‘featured product’—allowing potential customers to see an example of NZ in a Box’s products.

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