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A website showcasing Thornton Auctions products and services.

Thornton Auctions is Auckland’s most prominent and busiest auction house. Thornton specialises in various auctions, from liquidation, valuations, surplus stock and more. We built a custom platform for Thornton to showcase and educate its customers about upcoming auctions.


Calls to action.

Our goal with the homepage of the Thornton Auctions website was to create a platform where potential customers are welcomed with all relevant information. On the homepage, we made clickable buttons that take individuals to valuations or auctions, meaning that there is information readily available regardless of what they’re looking for.

Thorntons – Auctions

Virtual Capabilities.

The platform was designed with virtual auctions in mind. With that in mind, the platform has the capabilities to allow online bids to be taken and accounted for in the auctions. Our goal was to limit double handling of information such as online bids and integrate these abilities into the website.

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